Hello peeps! salam to all my blog followers and especially girls who are texted and email  me to keep them uptodate regarding product launch, latest happenings, fashion trends and ideas. so here is a latest update i have related to reknown singer, model and actor Rizwan Ali Jaffri. Rizwan is releasing a new track video on 10th September, “Mann Jhoomay Jaye” which is an upbeat party song, hope music lovers will enjoy listening it

The video shows the lighter side of life and making the most of the happy and joyous times. Rizwan believes we should always keep the kid in us alive and embodied that in the video too, with kids dancing around.


Background and Future Plans:
Rizwan Ali Jaffri started his career with modelling and made a name for himself by working for top fashion designers. He has been a part of various commercials. He didn’t just stop there and entered the world of acting by his debut in Sarmad Khoosat’s directed, Pani Jesa Pyar. He bagged a Lux Style Award for his debut album “Yaran di tooli” in 2013.
Rizwan has great plans for this year as he is releasing another track as well as starring in a movie, releasing at the end of the year.
stay tuned guys for latest update and events, you can mail me here for any PR
happy weekend!!  xoxoxox 🙂