the shallows

“THE SHALLOWS” breathtaking movie releases on June 21, 2016. Directed by Jaume Collet Serra. It hits box office 84.5 million USD, music composed by Marco Beltrami. It is a movie full of drama and thriller based on medical student Nancy Adams (Blake Lively) visits a secluded beach for some alone time to memorize her mother’s nostalgia on beach. In spite of, the risk of surfing alone, Nancy decides to absorb the sun light and smash the waves. Unexpectedly, a great white shark attacks, then she swims herself to a black giant rock for safety. She got harmed and left aground 200 yards from shore, the anxious girl fights for her life.


I really enjoyed watching this movie! Blake Lively performed as Nancy gave mind-blowing performance and was very impressive throughout the movie. The shark for the some part actually looked like a giant real creature. It was a moment of tense and excitement, the end was very thrilling to watch. There are few incredible actions by the shark, like repeatedly going after Blake’s character, but it was still a very entertaining movie.  Action in movie drives audiences to Nancy’s thoughts by watching how she handles situation.  The movie is more exciting when Nancy is in the water, talking to a seagull. Nancy’s problem-solving skills are amazing, over all must watch movie. I would like to rate it 9 on 10.

happy weekend !!!