Today we all were shocked by hearing news regarding qandeel’s murder, finally this drama comes to an end. she is no more and was murdered by her brother name waseem.

Definitely i was not there at her home watching it all live and infact none of you was there watching it. we all just came to know about this news via media. we believe what media says rite???

Just think for a second  media include social media like facebook twitter are now by her side and people saying that this was case of “honour killing”. stop making hype and instead of protest against the murder, try to think that does anyone know her personally and her family? what media says we believe. stop being fool and realize that might be it is a drama of people who want to defame our nation by creating these type of facts and propaganda.

we live in a nation where we support education, is she was educated? why she doesn’t prove her self with respect and education? she had to fight with grace not with her unethical attitude. at last i will say what goes around comes around. when she was alive we people were like how shameless woman she is, and now after her death we are like she was innocent. These scandals arise just to defame our nation and society. why don’t you talk about Kashmir where actually women and children are murdered by an indian army they are on right and justice for separate nation. Do campaigns like “justice for “kashmir”. To be honest stop wasting your time by discussing what actually is not truth, no one knows it profoundly what was happened there.

#stopsupporting #qandeelbaloch